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Chinese Dragon Kite - special editions

Double-headed dragon

This is a monster 80m dragon with double heads chasing the pearl - a rotating hollow ball.

In China, the pearl is often filled with burning or at least smoking material, making an even more dramatic display, but not approved for use in the UK!

Sometimes these are made with a double tail section.

Two dragons fighting

An alternative configuration has the two heads in opposition, and the tail in two sections, so the dragons appear to be fighting over the pearl. Supplied to a UK customer and currently waiting for a photograph. (This was flown in the areana at the Bristol Festival - but I was too busy flying one of the other dragons to take photographs.


Ghost dragon

One of the Chinese traditions is for undecorated 'ghost' dragons which can then be decorated. This is a 30m ghost dragon which we use for displays.

Super-large dragons

The largest dragon we've imported to date has been 80m, but our partners in Weifang can make much bigger structures. These really are limited for the UK - even the 80m can require flying arenas to be enlarged!