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Kite bag

If you want to keep your kites in good order, there's no substitute for a 'proper' kite bag. We have a limited supply of custom made bags designed specifically for sport kites. It's currently difficult to find a good quality bag - and we've proven these in use with our team.

More details on the Kite bag page.   NEW: Kite bag

T5 update

From May 2013 we are shipping the T5 with a few minor updates; the standoffs are now carbon fibre, not glassfibre. It's a subtle improvement but no downside.

Finally, a handbook! Click here to download (pdf).

T5 Taipan

We've finally released our latest team/precision kite, the T5 Taipan. We've been flying the prototypes all last season with the Airheads; as always, thanks to the team for encouragement, criticism and especially for constructive feedback, crash testing and lots of patience. (May 2011)

Airheads 2011

More information on the Airheads website www.airheads.org.uk


My latest design is the Insider; a freestyle kite, based on some of the T4 ideas but reworked and rebalanced for solo flying. Full details on the Insider page. (August 2008)

T4 bridle mods

After running the Airheads T4 set for a full season, we've made some subtle changes to the bridles. The SUL and UL now run with reverse turbo bridles; the other kites have 3-point bridles with an inhaul link. (Jan 2008)

T4 super vent completes line up

The T4 super-vented version is now available. This is optimised for big winds, with pull out venting panels which allows the kite to work well in moderate winds as well. (Dec 2007)

T4 range finished - almost...

We've now finished development on the T4; it's taken a long time to come up with a design which offers significant improvement on the T2. We've been flying it now for several months in SUL, UL Standard and Vented versions and I'm very pleased with the result. The range will be finished with a Super-Vent for extreme wind - that's at final pre-production stage. (June 2007)

XE released

We've finally released the XE which replaces the Outsider as an all round freestyle kite. More details available soon.

XE scheduled for release soon...

We're developing a new kite called the XE which will replace the Outsider (now discontinued) as an all round freestyle kite. More details available soon.

T2 revisions and Odyssey

We have made some slight alterations to the T2 bridle which has significantly improved the consistency in different wind speeds. This now overlaps too much with the Odyssey and I can't justify both kites in the programme, so I've decided to stop building the Odyssey. I'm hoping to incorporate some of the Odyssey features into a comprehensive overhaul of the T2 during 2006.

More Chinese kites

Our range of traditional chinese bamboo and silk kites has been extended for 2006 with a range of bird and other kites.

T2 Solo 2005 specification

We've just released the 2005 specification T2 Solo, with a major overhaul courtesy of Matt Stevens from Flying Squad. Without losing any of the precision and easy flying characteristics, the 2005 model adds much more radical tricks.

All of the changes are retro-fits for the old spec kite and information is on the Technical Information page.

There is a very comprehensive review on Khite.org. This with take you straight to the review:  http://www.khite.org/khite/Kites/o100q/T2Solo05.htm

T2 Evo review

The T2 Evo has been reviewed recently, taking the top 2 slots (for the Zero and Standard) in a group test of 10. See the review on the Aerialis site: http://www.aerialis.no/community/modules/wfsection/article.php?articleid=116