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T5 Taipan Light/UL-SUL

We developed the Taipan Light for extremely good low wind behaviour, but retaining the trickability of the standard kite.

Tape for the leading edge instead of Dacron saves about 40 gm and we've found the tape is plenty strong enough. Frame is SkyShark 3PT leading edge and spreaders, with P90 spine; or 2PT for the leading edge as an option.

Optimised for 3-10 mph it will perform comfortably for the STACK minimum wind for competition and is strong enough to cope with gusts well over the rated range. You can use this kite as part of a 2-kite set (with the V1). We can supply an additional stiffer P300 spine which will improve handling in the upper wind range.

Price is 220 Email to order or for more information